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Iława – this is where the Western Masuria shows its beauty. At the heart of Iława is Jeziorak, the longest lake in Poland. Here you can find sixteen islands, including the most important one – Wielka Żuława, which from October to April remains uninhabited.

Every tourist will discover something for himself in Iława. Along the shoreline of Lake Jeziorak, you can find a variety of different places where you can sleep. Hotels, guesthouses, guest rooms, modern marinas, quaint harbors as well as restaurants, cafés and iconic taverns await you.

Iława has returned in recent years to its former charm. It’s a perfect place for lovers of water sports, holidays in nature or hiking among lakes and forests.



Granting of municipal rights

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Attractions and monuments of


Zabytkowy Ratusz w Iławie z lotu ptaka

Town Hall

On Niepodległości Street, right next to the stone commemorating the 700th anniversary of Iława, the Town Hall building is located. The original structure, which was in the central part of today’s Old Town, burned down in 1706 and was never rebuilt in its original location.

The current Town Hall building was constructed between 1910 and 1912, outside the Old Town area, on the city’s main street, Kaiserstrasse (Imperial Street). The body of the building consists of several parts. One of the most interesting elements of the building is the exterior staircase on both sides of the entrance.

In front of the building, you can find a courtyard which extends today to the street itself. The Town Hall is the city’s most representative building, and for many years it was called the Pearl of East Prussia. Nowadays, the right wing of the Town Hall houses the Tourist Information Center where you can purchase souvenirs related to Iława and the Iława Lake District as well as books and maps.

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The building dates back to the years 1916-1922 and was originally used as a municipal hall. In the 1960s, it changed its function to a theater and a cinema. It now houses the Culture Center and regularly hosts cinema screenings.

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By Niepodległości Street, across from the city park, you can find many unique 18th-century baroque sculptures of Jupiter, Juno, Hercules and Medusa, representing rococo style. They come from the palace in Kamieniec, next to Susz, formally owned by the von Finckenstein family.

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Tawerna Kaper

The building of the old stable and coach house is one of the most well-preserved historic buildings of Iława. The middle room was a stable, inside which there were 6 horse stalls. The building had been reconstructed several times both inside and outside by 1945.

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Zamek w Ostródzie z drewnianą rzeźbą z przodu

Church and city walls

The Church of the Transfiguration of Jesus was built between 1317 and 1325 on the site of a former chapel. It’s the oldest preserved building in the city. It was integrated into the southeast corner of the city walls.

It’s worth stepping inside the building for a while and, if possible, visiting the church’s underground as well as taking a look at the altar and organs.

Also, it’s worth noting that one of the oldest trees in the city grows in the church’s yard. It’s an oak tree which was planted here in 1871 after Prussia won the war with France. Inseparably connected with the church are also the city walls, built around the mid-14th century. Today, there are only a few sections and fragments of them preserved.

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Kort do tenisa ziemnego przy stadionie miejskim w Iławie

Sports complex

The Iława stadium was built in the early 1920s (the first demonstrations, parades and also marches of the stationed army were held there). Green turf, running tracks for athletes and tennis courts are the main attractions of the complex. It’s also the place where matches and other large outdoor events take place.

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Miasteczko ruchu drogowego dla dzieci w Iławie

Traffic park for children

Miniature roads await the youngest. Real traffic signs are set up in such a way that kids can learn how to ride a bike as well as the traffic rules. Meanwhile, parents can relax on benches and closely watch how their children play.

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Basen w Iławie

Tourist and recreational center

This place will not only provide a lot of fun and relaxation but will also take care of your health and put both children and adults in a good mood. Bowling alleys, a swimming pool, a salt grotto and a solarium are just a few of the attractions that this place provides.

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Jezioro Jeziorak w Iławie z lotu ptaka

Lake Jeziorak

Jeziorak is the longest lake in Poland, with many bays, peninsulas and 16 islands, the largest of which is Wielka Żuława - the longest inland island in Poland.

The Iławka River flows out of the southern end of Jeziorak, where also lies Wielka Żuława (82.4 hectares) and the entrance to the canal connecting Lake Jeziorak with Mały Jeziorak (Small Jeziorak).

The lake is rich in a variety of fish species and is home to many species of birds. Ducks, grebes, coots, bitterns, reed warblers and marsh harriers nest among the reed beds. The lake is also the hunting ground of the white-tailed eagle and osprey. Cormorants and herons also nest on one of the lake’s islands. In addition, swans, gulls, moorhens and cranes live here.

Jeziorak is also the subject of a book: “New Adventures of Mr. Samochodzik”, where the main character searches for treasures stolen in World War II.

Statek Ilavia na jeziorze Jeziorak w Iławie

Cruise on the Ilavia boat

Every year from May to October you can go on a cruise on the ILAVIA ship on Jeziorak - the longest lake in Poland.

It runs every day, and the cruise lasts about an hour. The route goes from the basin of Mały Jeziorak (starting from the Jeziorak Gallery) to the Duży Jeziorak. After circumnavigating Wielka Żuława island, which is the largest inland island in Poland, the ship returns to the starting place.

Tickets can be purchased directly on the ship itself..

The cruise lasts about an hour and starts only when there are at least 10 people ready.

Żeglarska Izba Pamięci w porcie śródlądowym w Iławie

Inland Port

The Sailing Chamber of Memory exists as a part of the activities of the IŁAWA Port. In its collections, the chamber holds memorabilia, photos, diplomas and decorations of, for example, Tomasz Lewandowski or Marian Skubij, among many others. The chamber also offers guided tours after a prior appointment.

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Wyspa Młyńska (Mill Island)

The publicly accessible park has been created on an “island” - with foot and bicycle paths, a venue for events, a beach with a rest area, changing rooms and sanitary facilities, as well as a playground with playing equipment and an outdoor gym. Children will appreciate the trampolines, swings and a climbing net.

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Las i park Sienkiewicza w Iławie

Urban forest

Experience the forest and its diversity. Use the designated foot and bicycle paths and see the area from above on a viewing footbridge, at the tree crown level. The forest is set to regain its pre-war glory, and with the bicycle paths, it will additionally take on a more contemporary feel.

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Zamek w Ostródzie z drewnianą rzeźbą z przodu

Złota Tarka

The International Festival of Traditional Jazz – Old Jazz Meeting “Złota Tarka” is the most recognized cyclical event in Iława.

The roots of the festival date back to the 1960s, and it has been held in Iława since 1994.

Jazz concerts and amateur jazz competitions are held for several days in the Louis Armstrong Amphitheater in Iława, specially built for the festival, which is attended by tourists from all over Poland.

Zamek w Ostródzie z drewnianą rzeźbą z przodu

Iława Soundlake Festival

The Iława Soundlake Festival is known for its picturesque location on the shores of Lake Jeziorak and offers a diverse lineup of artists from many different genres, including pop, rock and alternative pop. The festival attracts a great interest in Poland and gathers crowds of fans every year.

Zamek w Ostródzie z drewnianą rzeźbą z przodu


The Yellow Cup Regatta and the Blue Ribbon Lake Jeziorak Regatta are organized every year.

Yellow Cup is organized on Mały Jeziorak Lake and has a wonderful atmosphere of friendly sailing competition. It promotes sailing on the smaller brother of Lake Jeziorak among the city’s residents and tourists.

The regatta formula is unique because adults race on the smallest sailboats in the world. And everyone is allowed to join the races.

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